Our certifications

Our organic certifications guarantee healthy, sustainable and environment-friendly food.

We supply dried products to food industry professionals, hotels and restaurants, as well as to companies wanting to become worldwide distributors of our products.

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Our added values

100% healthy and natural products

Guaranteed without preservatives, food-colouring or added sugar. Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Variety of fruits and vegetables

Easy to preserve, to eat as snacks, handy for daily consumption or for gastronomic use.

Organic and traditional agriculture

Growing on organic certified fields, with no use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers, complying with environmental requirements.

Artisanal process

Drying process at low temperature in compliance with food safety standards to preserve the products’ flavours and the nutrients.

Training and support

Our farmers are trained in accordance with the Guide to Good Practice and Hygiene, as well as the principles of fair trade.

International supplier

The largest variety of naturally dehydrated tropical products in the Indian Ocean, a guarantee for high-quality products that meet the needs of professionals.

Reliable company

Contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals related to food, job creation, and environment protection.


If you are a distributor or wish to create your own brand

Packaged sales with the possibility of white-label branding.


Thrilled by the desire to make the world discover our food treasure. I want my country to be known for the quality of its products and its innovations.

As a mother, it is essential for me to promote healthy and organic food, without additives, colouring or preservatives.

I created my company in 2015 to make this dream come true and to ensure that Lycheeland will be actors in the world and not just workers.


We commit ourselves as a true international ambassador and supplier of fair trade superfood. We aim to make the unique and atypical natural resources of the island available to everyone.

Excellence, respect, innovation and integrity are the keywords that determine our know-how. Our goal is to offer quality products which make our difference.

Find the true taste of exotic fruits growing on the rich lands of Madagascar at Lycheeland.

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